Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Natural Born Killer

Die, rabbit, die!

Connor in my parents' garden, 2011.  Those rabbits were made by my uncle years ago.

If my brothers or I had attempted to spray water around the garden when we were kids, we surely would have been told off for wasting water.  But when my son did it, my mother said it was good for him to come out and get some exercise and how helpful he was to water the plants (he didn't, he just soaked one patch of grass to death) and the water would be good to cool him down because it was so hot.

WTF????  Double standards!!!!


  1. Hi,
    LOL,Grandparents completely dot on their grand-kids and rules are no longer rules then.I guess they see their own kids in their grand kids.


  2. LOL Yeah.. but it's still annoying to see my son get away with stuff I couldn't!