Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Free Kids' Activities: The car workshop!

Or as Dear Hubby calls it - the garage.  To me, a garage is where you park your cars.

I have a son who's all boy.  He loves anything with wheels and an engine.  Some weeks ago, the family car needed some repairs.  So we drove to the little car workshop out in Sg Buloh that we use.

Connor was absolutely delighted to be there.  He said excitedly, "Mummy, the mechanic is fixing the car!"  I took him through the workshop to watch the mechanic putting the tyres back onto a car. "See, Connor, he's fixing the flat tyre on the car!  Just like in your storybook where the school bus had a flat tyre!"  I showed him tools and spare tyres stacked up in the corner.  We peered into engines and climbed onto an old Volvo that had been dismantled for parts.

Connor was enchanted.  He's been playing at being a mechanic ever since.  It's okay.... except when he tried to put his ride-on car onto the coffee table and crawl underneath to fix it just like the real mechanic.

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