Thursday, April 5, 2012

Connor and his Transformers

Connor's had this Transformer keyring for ages.  Got it free from a packet of Frosties.  Lately he's been asking me to "...make it to car, Mummy?" and I can't because it's just a keyring, not a proper Transformer.

I gave in this week and bought a Lego Transformer set for him, it was an Optimus Prime just like his keyring.  Connor was SO thrilled when I put it together and he finally had a Transformer robot.  I thought he would play robot games with it... you know... I am the Big Robot here to bash all things up.

What transpired was something quite, quite different.

First, the Lego Optimus Prime sat on the toy Porsche and zoomed around.  Then it came to a halt and the robot got off. "Oh, Daddy's home!" sang out Connor.  The robot then clipped-clopped its way across the dining table and stopped before the key ring.

He picked up the keyring Optimus and said, "Now Daddy kiss Mummy." and the two robots knocked helmets together.  "Daddy sayang Mummy." was the next thing he said and the two robots gave each other an awkward robotic hug.

After that, the big robot walked off. "Daddy go change clothes!"  When that was done, the big robot sat down and was duly given a cup of coffee.  "Daddy switch on music!"

I was so charmed to see him act out what he sees us do every evening when Daddy comes home from work.  You know... this is what they do in therapy, especially for children who've been abused on the quiet... when they try to find out from a child's point of view what is REALLY going on at home.  They give the child dolls and encourage them to act out what happens at home.

It was lovely seeing him recreate accurately what happens at home.  Except for the Porsche part.  Dang.

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