Monday, April 9, 2012

Connor and Finding Nemo

Connor loves Finding Nemo.  I think he relates to it because it's about a dad's unconditional love for his son and all the swimming they do.  Connor knows Daddy loves him and he does a LOT of swimming with Daddy too so he's probably thinking, "Yep, yep... just like me and Daddy!"

In the opening scenes of the film, the Daddy and Mummy clownfish are attacked by a barracuda.  This being Disney and Pixar, they don't show it but you can tell that Mummy clownfish had been eaten by the bad barracuda.

One day, Connor suddenly asked, "What happened to the mummy fish?  Where did she go, Mummy?"

I answered casually, "Oh she was eat--....."  Then I suddenly remembered I am dealing with a 3yo who has no concept of death (and rebirth). "Oh!  Er.... er... she... er.... went.... er... er.... shopping!"


Connor accepted the answer because I do go out shopping and leave him at home with Daddy.  But I always come home.  But how come ah Mummy clownfish is STILL shopping even halfway through the film?

So I fibbed, "Mummy clownfish went to visit Granddad clownfish and won't be home so soon."  Again, it made sense in his world as Granddad lives in Liverpool and that's really far away!

Phew again.

I know I'll have to explain it one day but not now when he's only 3yo.

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