Monday, April 2, 2012


Connor has finally realised that it IS fun to jump into the adults' pool.  It took so much coaxing and encouragement on my part before he would but I did think it was very brave of Connor to jump into the pool as the water there is as deep as he is tall.   I started out with pulling him gently into the water.  Then we graduated to him jumping into my waiting arms.  Once he was comfortable with that, I started stepping back a little each time he jumped until I was too far for him to touch when he hit the water. 

Once he realised that it is actually fun and no, he wouldn't sink to the bottom and stay there, there was no stopping our little boy.  

We were so proud of him and he was really pleased with himself too because he knew that he'd just climbed up another level. 

Photos taken 1 April 2012.

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