Monday, May 21, 2012

Mothercare Malaysia: ELC Playtime with Aunty Nadia

For those of you with little ones, you might want to check out the ELC Playtime with Aunty Nadia.  They run the playtimes at their KLCC and Bangsar Mothercare outlets.

We attended the one in KLCC during Connor's last school holidays.  I'm sure it was fun but we never got to find out because about 5 minutes into the playgroup, my son decided he was too cool and macho to sit around on a flower-printed mat and threw a fuss.  I decided to leave as it wasn't fair to Aunty Nadia and the other parents.

They had an intro session where parents and children introduced themselves.  Our group was very mixed - it had an English family, a Nigerian family, a Kazakh family, a Malaysian family who had just returned from UK (their son still declared himself English! LOL) and us.  They have pics and videos posted on the Mothercare Malaysia FB site so you can see what they do.  There's singing, arts and crafts, make-believe play... all good fun!

As for the age range... well, the oldest child there was 6 and the youngest was 18 months old.  Parents are required to stay with their child for the duration of the playtime.

And you know what's the best part?  It's FREE!

Check out the playgroup at:

ELC Playtime, Mothercare Suria KLCC
Every Tuesday, 11am - 12 noon

ELC Playtime, Mothercare Bangsar Shopping Center
Every Friday, 11am - 12 noon

Have fun!

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