Tuesday, May 22, 2012

East vs West: Lunch

Me:  Ooh!  I shall have rice porridge for lunch tomorrow!  With pickled lettuce!  And a fried egg!  With soy sauce!  Yum-yum!
Dear Hubby:  You're a very strange person.


  1. Wait till you say - A dollop of Bovril
    My hubby thinks Im weird having rice porridge with that ^_^

    (Hi there, found your blogsite when I was doing a google search on something that I cant remember what it was now ..oooh it must've been something to do with baby toys :) )

    1. Bovril and rice porridge! The lunch of my childhood. I love it. I still have it sometimes. Or I make myself a cup of hot Bovril. My husband says only weird old men in UK drink Bovril. So I'm weird, he says.