Thursday, May 31, 2012

Smelling Good

When we first moved to Jakarta, we put up in a hotel for months as we searched and searched for a home.  The lobby of the hotel had one of those vaporizers thingy-bobs that squirted out a pleasant fragrance into the air every 15 minutes or so.  I'm sure the company distributing it had a stranglehold on the vaporizer market there as almost every hotel lobby I encountered in Jakarta had the same smell!

I’ve actually been searching for one for our guest washroom here in our apartment.  We usually keep the window closed as it doesn’t get used much.  Every now and then, I’ll open it up to air the place so that it doesn’t get too musty but it’s not working very well.

Recently, a friend introduced me to Vapor Experts.  They have a product called the vapor genie that looks really cute and cool. I can imagine it being quite the conversation starter as well as guests who use the washroom will no doubt wonder what on earth it is!  HAHA!  It doesn’t look like the conventional vaporizers I’ve seen here. 

Now if only I can find that scent from the Jakarta hotel lobbies.. I may just be able to recreate the memories of Jakarta again!

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