Friday, August 17, 2012

Dentists in Kuala Lumpur: Damansara Heights Dental Centre

Today was Connor's 2nd dental appointment with Dr Larry.

Our first visit was six months ago.  The dental centre is located in a small row of shops (end shop is Secret Recipe) next to SK Bukit Damansara.

Mindful of our last visit when Connor had refused to co-operate, I was much better prepared this time around.  I had actually gotten our appointment date mixed up so I had turned up on Monday only to be told it was today instead.  The clinic has a children's play area so I had let Connor play there for about 10 minutes instead of leaving immediately, thinking it would help him get used to the place.

It helped!  Connor was pleased to see the place again and it was no longer Strange New Place but Fun Dentist Play Area to him.

I had also prepped him for the visit, reminding him for days before that we were due a dental check and that the dentist would help him have healthy teeth.  We also practised lying down and opening our mouths for a pretend check.

Dr Larry is good with kids.  He has a kids' booster cushion for them to sit on in the dentists' chair and the nurse always gives out a sheet of stickers after the check-up is over.  He doesn't dive straight into a check but calms them by showing them a model of their mouth and gets them to count the teeth and pretend to brush them before asking them to open their mouth.

We even succeeded in getting Connor's teeth polished!  First he showed Connor the tool he would be using.  Then he demonstrated on Connor's nail what it felt like and we all assured Connor that it was ticklish and fun.  Then into the mouth it went!

After that was done, the dentist presented Connor with a sheet of Thomas stickers.  Those are actually stickers I'd brought and passed earlier to the receptionist.   The dentist also gives out a sheet of stickers to all kids but I thought Thomas stickers would seem like a bigger reward to my little train engineer so brought my own.

Very pleased with how today went.  I'm very keen to get him used to dental visits so we started him off early, his first visit to the dentist was when he was 2+ yo.  We've only recently switched to Dr Larry purely as he's closer to us and easier parking to be found around his clinic.  So far so good and I'm happy!

Click HERE for more info on the clinic.

Damansara Heights Dental Centre
Tel: +603-2093 0309
(We paid RM50 for consultation and RM130 for polishing)

Note:  For some reason, Google Maps shows the clinic to be in a different location, much further along the road.  It it actually right round the corner from SK Bukit Damansara, same row as Secret Recipe. Secret Recipe does show up in the right location on Google Maps, so just follow that if you aren't sure of how to get there.

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