Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ramblings: Death and taxes

What was that old saying - nothing is certain but death and taxes?

I don’t pay income tax anymore because I er… don’t generate income anymore.   So I’m actually very good for the Malaysian economy as I don’t generate income but I do spend.  A lot!

But in the years when I did file income taxes, I did it online.  I filed manually for the first two years of my working life and I hated it!  I would fill up the stupid Borang BE (or whatever…) out in pencil first, double- and triple-check all my calculations and then fill everything out in pen.  Then I would erase all my pencilled in stuff, take everything to the shop to get a copy made before driving to Kelana Jaya to drop it off in a box.   Then e-filing appeared and everything was a dream.

My brother missed the deadline this year.  Utter panic!  Wish I had something like our American friends have – I found this irs extension form 2011 online while helping him look for information about extensions online.  Pity we can’t use that for our Malaysian tax!

Well, I’m sure my brother will be more careful next year after this year’s scare with the taxman!

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