Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kids' Activities: Paper Toys

I'd said before Connor has become obsessed with Big Ben as a result of our trip to London.

A week after we returned, the 2012 London Olympics started and Big Ben was featured quite often on the telly.  Cue our super-excited son:  "MUMMY!  It's Big Ben clock tower! In London!  It's my favourite!"  A video on Big Ben produced by the BBC is on heavy rotation on our iPad and Connor would chime along happily. "Chonggggggg!  Chonnnnggggg!"  On visits to toy stores, he would ask for a clock tower and trust Disney to come up with a Big Ben replica for their Cars 2 line of toys right then!

I knew Dear Hubby and I wouldn't be able to last till our next trip to UK (tentatively scheduled for summer 2013) because all this constant talk of Big Ben and resonant chiming from our son would drive us mad.

Fortunately, Dear Hubby found a site called PaperToys and yes, they had a paper model of Big Ben!  What joy!




Fold and glue!


"Mummy! Daddy!  Look!  I have a Big Ben clock tower toy!"

And it goes very nicely with our existing London double decker bus too.

Problem solved.

See how happy he is with it?

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