Friday, September 14, 2012

Connor can read!

Recently I discovered that my son can read.  All you mums out there must be thinking "Oh that's great!  He can read before he starts school!"   But it's not what you think.

We were at Bangsar Village I and II having a nosey around.  I like this neighbourhood mall.  It has a Toys R Us in the old wing for my son and clothes shops in the new wing for me.  Plus there's our favourite banana leaf restaurant opposite and my best ever hawker stalls nearby.

This is how I discovered my son could read:  "Mummy... it's Z-A-R-A... Zara!"  We were coming out of the Zara in Bangsar Village II and he proudly read off the big shiny letters in the window display for me.   I was delighted he could read that but couldn't he have started off with "A-P-P-L-E" instead?

The next thing he could read was Gucci.

The third was... erm... this is getting embarrassing... Prada.

Oh dear.  I'm not a very good mother.


  1. Its ok, your son now speaks Italian ;)

    1. Gosh, you're so clever PB! I never would have thought of it from that angle! Now I feel better since I've actually been "teaching Connor Italian" and not "brainwashing him with branding". LOL

  2. Hi, it is always adorable to find out what our kids can do.
    When I found out my lil Austin can 'talk', it was an incredible...but he started with savo (seven), egg, nine, ten. We kept asking why not one, two, three :D

    1. LOL I guess he's wondering why everyone keeps starting at the little numbers when the bigger numbers are more fun!