Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rambling: My favourite leather chair

I’ve been seeing lots of pregnant ladies recently.  Maybe because I’ve been wandering in and out of Mothercare, scrounging for good deals.

Every time I see them, it reminds me of when I was pregnant in 2008.  I remember it as a very happy time.  I was filled with lots of happy hormones… hmm… maybe that’s why Connor was a happy baby, he’d been floating in them for nine months!

What I didn’t like was the back pain.  I found our sofa immensely uncomfortable and nothing I did helped.  I tried propping myself up with all sorts of cushions but they only worked temporarily.  The only seats in the house that was comfy for me were our leather recliner chairs.   Unlike the sofas, I could change the angle of the recline to suit my aching back.

Even after I’d delivered Connor via emergency C-section, I continued using the chairs.  They were easier to climb out of than a sofa and I spent many happy afternoons napping there with my little baby asleep on me.   They were also really comfortable for breast-feeding sessions as I could rest my arm on the arm-rests with a cushion propped under it for more support.

Guess who sometimes takes his afternoon naps in the chair now?  Yep… it’s Connor!  

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