Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kids' Activities in Kuala Lumpur: Swim lessons

Recently, a friend asked me for the contact number of Connor's swim coach.  I replied gleefully, "It's Dear Hubby!"  While he's certainly a very affordable coach (just needs dinner cooked for him after a lesson), I wouldn't really recommend him.  Just ask Connor and all the dunkings he'd endured en route to learning how to swim.  I used to avoid going down to the pool with them when Connor was learning as it broke my heart to see my little boy going under so many times.  His methods work though as Connor is really adept in the water now, he's more seal than human sometimes!

This post is for you mums and dads who prefer a more conventional approach.  Some of the kids at our condo have swim coaches who come to our condo pool for lessons.  Most are on a one-to-one basis but I've seen a guy who takes 3 children in a group at a time.

The teachers bring all the props:  the swim noodles, the kick boards, various toys.  All you have to do is turn up in your swim gear and goggles.  Children are taught to go underwater, correct kick techniques and how to stay afloat in water.  It's all about getting them used to being in the water.  A lesson usually lasts about 45 minutes.  If they are very, very young obviously you'll have to be in the water with them.  But the kids in my condo are 2yo and older so mums just stay on the side and shout encouragement.

The younger they start, the better it is.  Connor started at 3 months or so with Dear Hubby.  Some classes start from months old when babies still haven't lost their feel for the water.  Remember, they were in fluid for 9 months prior to birth!  Very young babies instinctively hold their breath when dunked underwater, it's a reflex they lose as they grow older.

Swim lessons alone don't guarantee a kid can swim.  A 5yo in our units has been taking lessons for a year and still can't swim as well as Connor because he's rarely in the pool.  We're down at the pool almost daily.  The key here is to let your kids splash about as much as they can in between lessons so that they get used to the pool.

The mum I spoke to paid RM90 per session for her 2yo so I guess RM90 to RM100++ is the standard charge.

These are some numbers I got off a mummy forum so you can give them a call.  Ask for trial lessons before you sign up for a whole course.  I've never called any of them so I can't vouch for any of them.  They're just some contacts to get you started and I know swim lessons are a popular activity for many kids who live in condo units with a pool.

Have fun!

Sam +6012-696 6226
Jack +6013-392 2878
Marcus +6012-377 1625

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