Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ramblings: Drinking

I’ve mentioned before my father-in-law has vascular dementia.  Blood flow to his brain is impaired so his brain isn’t getting as much oxygen and nourishment as it needs.  As a result, his brain isn’t working as well anymore.  So he’s forgetting stuff.  He’s got almost zero short-term memory and his long-term memory is getting jumbled up as well.

My father-in-law is 80.  He’s attended quite a lot of funerals of people he’s known from his childhood and youth.  That depresses him because it reminds him of his own mortality.  At 80, you don’t need any more reminders than necessary.

So he figures “What the heck – I’ll have fun till I drop dead.”  So off he heads to the pub to enjoy a tipple.  Very English thing to do.  But at his age and with his condition, he can’t handle much drink.  Any alcohol just worsens his condition.  If I knew anything about how to quit drinking, I’d try it with him.   But he has a point too.  Might as well go out on a high.  I can’t say I disagree with his thinking!

So the family has agreed that we’ll let him drink but moderately.  That way, he gets a bit of fun but isn’t in serious danger.  At eighty, he’s entitled to it.

Cheers, Dad – have a pint on me.


  1. just hope he remembers the way home!!


    1. So do we! It's been toughest of all on my mum-in-law who's had to cope with it all on a daily basis. I really salute her.