Friday, September 7, 2012

Mummy 101: Why you should never shop for clothes with your son

I usually do my clothes shopping alone but since Connor was on school holidays, he tagged along.

I picked the clothes I wanted to try and my almost 4yo son trotted obediently with me into the fitting rooms.

As I pulled off my t-shirt, my son giggled and exclaimed, "Oh Mummy!  Look at your fat tummy!"

Look who's talking, eh.  You wanna know how I lost my gorgeous abs, kiddo?  I had YOU!

The worst thing about a talking child is that they tend to talk loudly.  This isn't their fault, children have no idea what volume is appropriate for the situation.  Clearly I've yet to teach Connor that speaking at the TOP OF YOUR VOICE is not appropriate while in fitting rooms.

He asked, "Can I blow on your tummy?"  This is a game we play at home and it always makes him laugh.  Desperate to get him to shut up, I agreed.

So he did.  But as everyone knows, a good tummy blow sounds like a good fart.

My son dissolved into laughter.  "Eeeee... Mummy farted!!!!! Mummy's fat tummy farted!"

So funny hor.   I wonder how many other customers in the fitting rooms were giggling along with him.

This is why you should never shop with your child.  Boy-child at least... girls seems to grasp the concept of shopping and trying on clothes from birth.


  1. you got me giggling!

    Just came home from a session of baju raya hunting for play school's celebration.

    My 29 months girl said at the top of her lungs whilst trying on a potential purchase: "I want pink baju, this not pink! I don't want!!"

    Cake sum mou?

    1. LOL My son usually throws tantrums because he wants to wear a particular cartoon character and he's very good at picking the one that's usually in the wash at the moment.

  2. LOL!!!Mine made comments about my lingerie.
    I don't know which is worse....

    1. LOL! I feel your pain... I do... hahahaha...

  3. hilarious!!
    i can t wait for my lil one talk!!!

    1. I used to say that. Until Connor could talk. ;)