Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Welcome to Earth, Baby K!

Well, it's finally happened.

Baby K has finally arrived.  I received the long-awaited SMS announcing the happy news while I was doing the school run on Tuesday and boy, that sure made me smile!  (Yes, I did make sure I was NOT driving when I finally read the SMS)

I made the trip to the hospital to see Baby K and his proud parents yesterday.  And my goodness - is he ADORABLE.   I just melted on the spot when I saw him all tiny and pink and oh so precious, wrapped up like a bak chang in the blue swaddle cloth, sleeping peacefully in his little hospital bassinet.   He reminded me of Connor four years ago who was just as tiny when he was born.  I wrapped him up like a bak chang then too!

I love newborns.  I love them for their feel, for their smell, for the instinctive protectiveness they arouse in me (even when they're not mine) and for reminding me again the miracle that is life.

I don't have any pictures of him but if you'd like to see the handsome little fella, you can click here where his proud aunt has posted some lovely shots of him.

Congratulations, A and J - you did a great job.

Congratulations, PB - happiest and proudest aunt in the world.

Welcome to Earth, Baby K.

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