Thursday, October 11, 2012

Connor and the ice-creams

Connor got lots of ice cream while at Pangkor Island Beach Resort.   One night after he'd finished his main course, he trooped off with Daddy to get some ice cream.  He came back with a happy grin, carefully holding a bowl of strawberry ice cream in his hands.  Dear Hubby came back laughing. He told me, "When I gave him the bowl of ice cream, he was so happy and he said to me, 'Thank you, Daddy - I love you.'"  We all laughed and dubbed it Ice Cream Love.

The next night, we got him an ice cream cone instead.  I was still finishing my dinner when Connor started off on his dessert.  When I was done, Dear Hubby offered to get us two a cone each.  So off he went.  When he came back, Connor had just finished licking most of the ice cream off his cone.  He saw mine, a new cone with a big mountain of ice cream on it. 

Connor's eyes widened. "Wow."

He then handed me his finished cone and said, "Here, Mama... you hold this one!"  Then he took mine off me and beamed, "Thank you, Mama!  I love you!"

It was too funny and I was laughing too hard to be mad at him.  


  1. Just stumbled across your blog. Nice to read up some of your post about baby. I love babies :) I read one of your post about playgroup. Any recommendation of playgroup around Mon't Kiara? Thanks - Charlene.

    1. Charlene, I know of ibu that runs out of Sri Hartamas. They're the same row of shops as Jarrod and Rawlins but they're in the middle of that row. I have never been there personally myself but I do know they run playgroups for children. You have to join them as a member to join the playgroups as they only allow non-members a few trial sessions. Playgroups have to be paid for, I don't know what it costs right now but I believe it is RM10 per session.