Monday, February 11, 2013

Connor's going back to school!

Guess who's starting Nursery on 18 Feb?

In the UK, children attend the local school if they are in the school's catchment area.   You can request to be placed at another school out of your catchment area if you wish but that means you'll be lower on the priority list for enrolment.  As we are currently in temporary accommodations, I was unable to register Connor for any school as I knew we would be buying our own house and moving there.

Fortunately, we have finally bought a house and using our new house address, I was able to register Connor for the local school.  While children within the catchment area are guaranteed places for Year One, they are not always guaranteed places in Nursery.  We were lucky they had a place in the Nursery class for him because if they didn't, I would have had to hunt for another school/playgroup for him.   I'd wanted him to attend Nursery at the local school as he will also be starting Year One at the same school later this year and it would be easier for him to settle in if he's already familiar with the place.

This picture was taken sometime last week after we'd returned from an initial visit to the Nursery class so that Connor could meet his new teachers and new friends.  That's his new school sweatshirt which he'll be wearing to school every day from now on.  I'm a big believer in school uniforms.

Dear Hubby asked if I was happy with the school and what it looked like.  I said yes, I was happy and that it looked like a budget version of Alice Smith in KL.  Almost a year ago, we had paid a visit to Alice Smith KL as we were looking for a school for Connor if we were to remain in KL and I had fallen in love with it. 

His new Nursery class was set up just like the one in Alice Smith and employed the same teaching philosophy so I was quite happy.  I can't complain about it being a budget version of Alice Smith as we would have been paying RM11,000++ per term for Alice Smith while this school is funded by the local council.

School is on mid-term break right now and next Monday, it's back to school for Connor!  Hurray!

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