Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Elle UK does a piece on maternity wear

Being pregnant is lovely but not without its inconveniences.   One of them is how to look marginally stylish while different parts of you are ballooning beyond your control.  Some people stay pretty much the same shape, only their belly gets very large while everything else just gently swells.  Some people blimp out in every direction.

I'm in the first category for the first two trimesters.  I merely look well fed instead of pregnant until well into my second trimester.  And then I suddenly INFLATE in the third trimester.  Every bit of me does - even my toes blimp out.

This makes looking for clothing and shoes (especially shoes!) quite difficult.  I solved the problem in tropical Jakarta by wearing stretchy maxi dresses for much of my pregnancy.  It didn't matter then how big I got because my dresses just stretched to fit.  For my feet which grew a size, I bought a pair of Bata sandals.  I forgot the name but they have some sort of comfit sole built in and were good for me.

But here in Aberdeen, I'd be quite likely to die of hypothermia if I did that now in the winter.  Most maternity wear on the high street is sartorially uninspiring.  Fashion stores and fashion magazines tend to forget all about pregnant women's clothing needs as well so we're stuck with Mothercare stuff.

So I was really surprised to see a feature on maternity wear in Elle UK online today.   Nice to know we mums-to-be are not completely forgotten!

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