Friday, February 8, 2013

Ramblings: Dog stuff

I prefer cats.  Maybe because I’m a cat myself, I was born in the Year of the Tiger.   All my childhood, I’ve had to endure the barking and chasing of psycho dogs owned by various neighbours.   

It wasn’t till I met Dear Hubby that I realised it wasn’t the dogs who were psycho.  It was their OWNERS who hadn’t bothered to train them properly.   That’s why the dogs behaved the way they did.  Dear Hubby had owned a few dogs in his lifetime and they had all been properly trained.  His friends had similarly well-trained dogs and I was amazed that these dogs actually didn’t bark their heads off and jump up and dog in a canine frenzy.  Nothing like my neighbours’ dogs.

These dogs actually sat quietly and obeyed commands.  I’m not sure why my neighbours actually kept dogs as they didn’t really bother to feed them or groom them well either.  They usually ate scraps from the table.  Not like Dear Hubby’s friends’ who fed their pets natural balance dog food.

So am I considering one now that we’ve finally bought a house with a garden big enough to accommodate a dog?  Am I considering one as I know that our little boy loves dogs and puppies and always begs to play with one?


I heart cats.


I may change my mind if Dear Hubby promises to be the dog poo scooper.

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