Saturday, March 16, 2013

I'm famous!

Have you ever wanted to be famous?   One of those instantly recognisable celebs?  The person that everyone else knows?

Then follow in my footsteps.  Move to rural Scotland!

I'm famous because get this... I'm the one and only Chinese in our little village!  Yes!  The ONE and ONLY!  I'm unique and as rare as a panda!

I don't know what the population of the village is but it seems to be 99% white.  There are about 3-4 Indian/Pakistani families whom I see regularly at school and then there's our family who seem to be the only white-Chinese family in the whole area.

So everyone knows me.  Or at least knows my face.  Because I'm the only one in the village with little chinky eyes.  ;)

The problem is I'm very bad with faces and names and am still struggling to remember who's who.  I can remember the faces but I'm quite hopeless at matching them with names.  Sometimes I wish all the other parents had name tags so that I can get a little help.  It's embarrassing to keep asking for someone's name when you see them on a daily basis albeit for 10 minutes at a time.

Just wait till summer when my family comes to visit the new baby... and oh!  This little village of ours will be bursting at the seams with Chinese people!


Note:  Just in case you're wondering... Aberdeen itself is very cosmopolitan and there are quite a few Malaysians/Singaporeans knocking about there.  They are either working in the oil industry or are students at the local U's.  It's just that the further you get out into the countryside, the whiter the population gets.  I've never had a problem with racism in the UK and people in Aberdeen are quite well-travelled as many work in the oil industry and have been all over the world.

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