Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rambling: Looking for work

Last year when we thought there would be a good chance we would be coming back to the UK to live, Dear Hubby and I agreed that I would go back to work once Connor began primary schooling.  Everything was worked out in our heads and I’d started hooking up with old marketing friends and bosses to see if anyone had a job for me out there.

However, the surprise that was Number Two sort of scuppered our plans.  For one, it would be hard to find some employment when I would be off on maternity leave soon after starting.  The second thing that put me off was the cost of childcare in the UK.  I calculated that if I had to put Number Two AND Connor into more or less full time daycare, I would need to be earning a City banker’s salary and perks.

The plan now is to go back to work after Number Two is a little older.  Daycare costs would be a little less as Connor would be attending school from 9am-3pm so the bulk of costs would be for Number Two.

This means I’ve still got time to dust off my old resume (if it’s still of any use by then!) and practise attending interviews.   For those of you who can’t wait and would like some help, you can click here for all the help you need!

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