Thursday, March 21, 2013

School is closed - snow play!

School was closed yesterday due to the snow.  It's been snowing non-stop since Monday, nothing too heavy though so now we've got about 6 inches of snow in our garden.  I guess it must be much worse further inland and some children who attend our local school come from residential areas further inland.    

Safety comes first so if the school authorities think it may be dangerous for children to travel to school, they shut it down.  You don't really get the day off.  There are special snow day education packs online and offline for days like these so instead of going to school, you do the work assigned in the packs.

For nursery kids though, it was a holiday!  We spent the afternoon playing in our back garden.

First, the obligatory towing of child in sled around the place.  After two rounds, Mummy was tired as she's now carrying an extra 20lbs or so on her frame.  So child was told to get out of sled and find some  entertainment of his own.

We made snow pies.  A snow pie = 10 x snowballs packed together.  We then flung them high into the air and waited with eyes squeezed shut for them to land on our bums.  I can tell you a firmly packed snow pie makes quite a thump on the bum.  My son thought it was the funniest thing in the world.

And of course we had to make a snowman.  This is my first attempt at making a decently sized snowman and I haven't got the hang of rolling the snow up into a proper ball to make the body and head.  So excuse me if my snowman looks cacat.

Connor and our snowman.  Snow courtesy of nature.  Plastic red straws, carrot, blue milk bottle cap and green basin courtesy of Mummy's kitchen.

We only came in when we got too cold and wet.  I didn't buy proper snow gear for this winter but I will for the next winter.  The problem with wearing just plain ol' jeans to play in the snow is that they get wet and then we get cold.

So there you go - our fun day in the snow in our back garden.  

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