Monday, April 29, 2013

27 Signs You were raised by Asian immigrant parents

Lovingly posted for my son(s).  One day, they will read this post and nod their heads in agreement.

I confess to being the mum from No. 9, the one who's always convinced that her children will die of hypothermia without a jacket on.

No 13 made Dear Hubby laugh as it reminds him of my mum.  My mum wraps every single remote control in the house.  On his first visit to my family home, Dear Hubby wanted to know if all the fans and TVs were brand new.  I said no, why do you ask that?  He replied, "Because all the remotes are wrapped up in plastic!"

No 21 rings a bell too.  During one of his first few Chinese New Year visits, Dear Hubby pulled me aside to ask if all my relatives were arguing.  I said no, that's just how we talk at home.  It was funny as heck because it dawned on Dear Hubby then that there was another side of me that he's rarely seen and one that I cannot change (not that I want to) and a part of me will always be alien to him.

One day, my son(s) will nod in agreement.  I can see it happening even now.  On CBeeBies, they always play a song around lunch time called What's On Your Plate?   Various British kids will be shown, with their lunches and they'll shout out what they're eating.  Invariably, they'll be shouting things like Pasta and ham! or Egg sandwiches!   And there's my Connor, dancing around to the song, shouting "Rice and chicken and pork rib soup!"

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