Friday, April 26, 2013

Yay, we finally have a name!

Yes!  We have a name for Number Two!  At last!

Back when we didn't know if Number Two would be wearing pink or blue, we'd agreed quite early on a girl's name.  We both liked Ayva, I loved the sound of the name.

But we couldn't find a boy's name that we liked.  I trawled through pages and pages of online baby name sites with no success.  Some of the names suggested were really weird.  In this day and age, who on earth names their son Gaylord?  I liked Tyler but it was too American.  I found myself weirdly fixated on Ashton for a while and couldn't imagine why until I realised that our neighbours' grandson is Ashton.  So scratch that.

One of my favourites, Rafe, was met with hoots of derisive laughter.  These philistines I live with!  They said it was too posh a name for a village boy.  Okay lor....  Asher, Gage, Chace, Chance were similarly dismissed.

When we knew Number Two would be a boy, I got REALLY desperate.  With Connor, we had picked his name well before I entered my third trimester.  With Number Two, he was still nameless with just 8 weeks to go!

As I did with Connor, I also trawled through sites that suggested Danish names so as to pay homage to Dear Hubby's Faroese ancestry.  His great-great-(great?)-grandfather was called Hans Christian... boy, that's a real Danish name if there ever was one!  I found a few that didn't meet with hoots of laughter from my husband.

Today we've finally settled on a rather Danish name and it has been met with approval by my mother-in-law.  My married name is originally Danish and the spelling was anglicised some generations back to fit in with their new lives in England.  I think it's going to be really amusing if Number Two comes out inheriting my Chinese features but possessing a totally Danish-sounding name!  I know how it feels like because when people see my first name + married name, they always get a big surprise when they see me because it suggests someone who's tall, blonde and blue-eyed... you know, sterotype Nordic person.  No, it's me!  Average height, rice-eating, dark-haired, dark-eyed me!  HAHA!

We'll wait till Number Two arrives before unveiling it.  I think I might just choose a back-up name... just in case Number Two really does look 100% Chinese!

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