Monday, April 8, 2013

A closer look at Number Two!

When I was pregnant with Connor, I got to see scans of him at every monthly check-up in Jakarta with my gynae.  The system works differently here in the UK.  I see a midwife (no gynae!) every month for a check-up and all they do is check blood/urine samples, check my tummy measurements (which is a good indicator of baby's growth) and then listen to the heartbeat.  The only scan I received was at 20 weeks where they did a very detailed check of the baby to see that all the bits are in place and no obvious abnormalities are present.

We finally caved in to my maternal anxieties last week and signed up for a private scan so that I could see the baby and reassure myself that Number Two was doing well.

And here is Number Two!

The scan's quite clear as it's quite obviously the image of a baby snoozing.  Number Two was snoozing when the scans started and stayed stubbornly that way despite the sonographer's best efforts.

The image below is of Connor at 23 weeks gestation and boy, the two sure look alike!  I dunno - do all babies look like this in utero?  Or is it just mine?  Connor emerged looking EXACTLY like he did in the womb so we think Number Two will look a lot like big brother as the scans look pretty much alike.

Happily, Number Two is doing well.  All the main bits are there, we counted 10 digits on the hands, feet are all perfectly formed, facial features are all there and everything seems to be in place.  The heartbeat was strong and steady and the baby's been kicking away merrily (except at the scan!).

Like all mothers, I pray that my little one will be born safe, normal and healthy... that's all we really, really care about.  Things like impossible cuteness and Einstein-like IQ are just icing on the cake.

I was so happy and relieved to be able to see our baby for the first time.  This is the first time I got to see Number's Two face in 3D and it was such a relief to know all is well.

As a result, I was full of goodwill towards men all weekend.  Hehe.

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