Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter 2013: What we did

For Easter 2013, Cadbury teamed up with the National Trust of Scotland to conduct Easter egg hunts all over the country.

I'd never been on one.  So I was quite keen to go.  What happens is that clues are posted along a trail and you search for all the clues.  There's usually a puzzle to solve at the end based on the clues.  And of course, at the end of it all you get an Easter egg!  It's a hollow egg made of chocolate and Connor received many, many eggs over Easter.

There are two castles about 10 minutes away from us and happily both castles were participating in the Easter egg hunt.  So on last Monday, I made Connor wear wellies and a warm coat and off we went to Crathes Castle.

Connor wasn't too interested in the clues but he was very interested in climbing every tree stump and rock that we encountered on the trail.  This is Connor with one of the clues.  Mummy was the one who filled out the crossword puzzle and solved the final question, not our son.  He's too little for that anyway.

They also had a face painting booth which was very, very popular.  I asked Connor what he wanted to be and he said promptly, "Butterfly!"  I knew it.  He'd wanted to be painted as a butterfly ever since Zara at school showed up painted as a butterfly one day.

It was a very unusual choice for a little boy as most of the other little boys were painted with fierce lines of black/blue/green.  But I didn't see any harm in letting him be a butterfly, he's only 4yo and really, why can't 4yo little boys be butterflies if they want to be?  There isn't any rule that says little boys can only have camo stripes on their faces.

Face painting in progress

And here's the finished product!  Our son was so pleased with his butterfly face paint, he kept shouting, "Look at me, Mummy!  I'm a butterfly, flying away!"  and he would run off, arms flapping and shouting with glee.

He earned a lot of smiles from little old ladies that day as he looked absolutely glorious in comparison with the other little boys.  LOL

We got a very large Easter egg but before Mummy could take a pic of it, Connor had sat on it and crushed it to bits.  Erm....  Oh well, just one of many.

It was good fun and I'll be doing the same next year.  I enjoyed the walk out on the castle grounds and Connor had good fun.

I hope you had a happy Easter too!

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