Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Connor's old baby stuff

A few weeks ago, I sorted out all of Connor's old baby clothing and washed those that were sized 0-6 months to put away in the baby's room.

I took so long sorting them out because so many pieces held such lovely memories for me.  Aw look, there's that little T-shirt we bought him when we were on holiday in Vancouver and I was 22 weeks pregnant.  We bought a little black Canadian bear to go with it too.

And his Liverpool FC rompers we got from the club shop when we visited my in-laws when I was 6 months pregnant.  He wore them home from the hospital when he was 4 days old.  Look how tiny they are.

And there's that lovely set from Pumpkin Patch that Auntie PB bought him and I remember he was 8 weeks old when he wore it and he was so cute while I looked like complete shit because I had so little sleep.  I got them all still - the orange t-shirt, the shorts, the blankie, the cute tiny little socky-wockys.

That's the cheap Matalan joggers we got him in UK the time he'd barfed and pooed over all his clothes and I ran out of bottoms.  

His first proper Liverpool kit from Uncle Raymond and Auntie Jackie, sent all the way to our home in Jakarta.  The label said 3-6 months so I put him into them when he was 5 months old and the shorts ended about halfway down his shins.  He ended up wearing them till he was 14 months old and could stand and kick a ball.

Dungarees his aunt sent.

Super Gap Hawaiian shirt that Mummy scored at a sale in Liverpool One.

The Mothercare set Por-por and Gong-gong got him.

Each time I saw a piece that triggered a memory for me, I would smile and sit a while and think back to when he was at that age and think about the friends and family who bought those pieces.  A lot of the pieces looked as good as new still and Number Two will get a lot of wear out of them.

So while it looks like poor little Number Two will be wearing old clothes, he's really going to be wearing a whole lot of memories and making some new ones for Mummy.

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