Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My 2nd pregnancy: 32 weeks

Well, the pregnancy tracker app we downloaded ding-donged merrily on Dear Hubby's iPhone and told me that I'm now 32 weeks along.  Which means there's only 8 weeks before Number Two pops out.

And this was my reaction:
Image credit:  Original image from picturesdepot.com

Where did all that time go!

I'm not ready to be a mum to TWO kids!

Three if you count Dear Hubby!

Too late.   He's coming.  At least we got:
1.  his clothes and bedding washed
2.  some cold weather gear ready just in case
3.  my old breast pump and steriliser set washed and checked
4.  prams dusted and cleaned

What else?  Hmmm... I'll find out soon enough I guess!

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