Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Life in the UK: The weather

I lived in the tropics for almost 40 years where the weather never changes.  It's either hot and wet or hotter and wetter.  Or less hot and less wet.  For FORTY damn years.  I was telling new friends here that even if the TV weather reports had been using the same weather map for the past 40 years, I wouldn't have known.

So coming to the UK where the weather constantly changes is very, very interesting for me.  I guess long-time residents are tired of it but for a newbie like me, I love it!

We'd spent the weekend in Liverpool visiting my in-laws.  Our drive back to where we live in Scotland takes approximately 5 hours.   Along the way, we experienced:
1.  sunshine and blue skies in Liverpool
2.  rain and clouds in Glasgow
3.  snow flurries close to Aberdeen

Isn't that just FANTASTIC!  All this in five hours!

I have actually experienced the same just on the short walk to and back Connor's school.  It takes me ten minutes to walk there but half an hour to walk back... because we always take our time walking back, looking at various interesting things along the way and talking about his school day.

On one day, I had blustery winds and a drizzle on my way there.  Great.  Once I arrived at school, the clouds parted and it was bright sunshine.  The sun promptly dived behind the clouds once we arrived home and by the time Connor's post-school snack was ready, it was snowing.

No wonder people talk about the weather all the time in the UK.

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