Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ramblings: Curry time

Strangely for someone who has always swore to never leave the bright lights of the city, I’m really enjoying life in our little village.  It’s a big change from towering skyscrapers to farms and hills but the lifestyle we’re leading right now means we don’t miss much in Kuala Lumpur.

What we really do miss is the easy access to takeaway food.  Let me correct that.  The easy access to cheap, tasty takeaway food.   Eating out can be very expensive here in Aberdeen and more often than not, Dear Hubby and I find ourselves disappointed at the quality of the food at the prices that we have to pay. 

Most of the commuting villages for Aberdeen have at least an Indian and/or Chinese takeaway.  Ours doesn’t!  That’s how tiny the place is!  If I want a curry, I have to rustle it up myself.

A lunch at our favourite Indian restaurant in Bangsar used to be our weekend ritual.  Even our Connor misses it.  One night I served curry and roti canai (from the frozen food section of the local ASDA) and Connor gobbled up everything.  I’d forgotten how much he loves roti canai.

I would kill for a service like TastyKhana.  I would kill for a proper Indian curry that I can eat every now and then. 

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