Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Number Two Pregnancy: 35 weeks and almost there

About a month more and we'll have another little man in the house.   I am now 35 weeks pregnant.

I have gained a LOT of weight.  Like 40lbs of it.  Sigh.  I don't walk now.   I waddle.  Just like Donald Duck and geng.  Cukup hilang vogue.  

Number Two is quite feisty compared to his older brother who was more easygoing in utero.  See, Number Two doesn't like ANY sort of pressure on the belly.  If I rest my hand or anything else on the belly, he's very quick to respond with a sharp poke.  "Oi," he's saying.  "Get off."  If I don't move, he'll poke it a few more times.  Like "I'm warning you."   If I still don't move, that's it.  He'll land a series of sharp kicks and/or pokes until the offending object is removed.  It's quite amusing to realise that a sentient, conscious being is actually inside me... it's actually a little person who has already formed some likes and dislikes.  It's not just a blob.

Sometimes when he moves, it feels like a little hand scraping my insides.  Like he's trying to part the curtains and peer out.  It's quite a weird feeling.  Not quite yet, Number Two... a few more weeks to go yet!  Don't you dare come out now!

Connor is having fun playing with my belly.  For some reason, he thinks my belly button is THE conduit to the baby.  So he talks directly into it to the baby and when he wants to tickle the baby, he will blow directly onto it.  The first time he experienced the baby kicking him back was just fantastic.  Connor just lit up. "Mummy, the baby kicked me!" and he laughed so hard at it all.

I'm a little nervous at the thought of having to handle two children.  Yes, I'm more experienced this time and I know what to expect.  But this knowledge is scaring me a little because now I know.  I remember how tired I was in Jakarta with Connor and that was with a maid doing all the housework on my behalf.  God knows how I'm going to cope with the housework AND Connor AND the baby here all on my own.

Oh well.  I guess I'll find out in about a month's time!

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