Monday, May 13, 2013

Schooling in Scotland: Connor's Technology homework

Connor's Technology pack homework:  (L-R, clockwise) Instruction sheet for model, list of items in the pack, Learning Outcome sheet, book, model kit, parent feedback form

Well, as promised, here's a sample of the homework packs that we receive at school and that Connor can expect to be doing throughout Primary 1. 

This week's pack is titled "Technology" and came with a kit to make a motorbike.  Tell you what, it wasn't easy to make it and I don't see how a 4yo with limited attention span such as my son could be expected to complete it on his own.  If it had been a Duplo set, I think it would have been more appropriate.  This one had screws and washers and god knows what else.  The parent is supposed to guide and offer pointers but let the child do most of it.  Well, I ended up doing most of it myself!   Maybe it'll be better for him in a year's time.

Connor loved the book though.  It's a simple book about how forces help things work.  For example, we push the pedals of a bike to make it move and we pull the oars to row a boat.  He can read simple words so he enjoyed the reading bit. He'd taught himself phonics off some app I downloaded onto the iPad.  When I tried the app, I thought it was the dreariest thing on earth.  But Connor loved it and played with it everyday and the next thing you know, he can sound out words phonetically and read the simple ones.  I was amazed, considering that at this same time last year he had been diagnosed with a speech delay and was undergoing speech therapy.

So there you go, a sample of what we get at school here in Scotland.  

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