Thursday, May 23, 2013

Number Two Pregnancy: 36 weeks scan

I had my 36th week scan at Aberdeen Maternity on Tuesday morning.

Happily Number Two is doing well and his growth rate is right bang on target.  He looks to be an average-sized baby, just like big bro Connor was.  Going by his measurements vs how far along I am, he seems to be the same shape as Connor was as well - long and slim.  That's exactly how Dear Hubby was as a baby so it must be Dear Hubby's genes asserting itself even now.  According to my mother-in-law, Dear Hubby was born long and slim and weighing a mere 7lbs.  You would never guess that he would end up being 6' 2" and well over 200lbs as an adult!

The funny bit was when the sonographer showed me his head.  "See, that's the skull?  And you see this fuzzy bit?  He's got hair!"  And there it was... fuzz all over his skull and I was amazed she could pick that out.   Another bit of him that's like big bro then... Connor was all hair when he was born.  We joked that it was like having a baby gorilla.

Connor was with me as there was no one to mind him that morning so I had to take him with me to hospital.  He was interested at first when he could see the outline of the whole baby ("My baby brother!" he said) but lost interest rapidly when the images became less obvious to him.  I hope he won't find his life changed too much once Number Two arrives.  Some of his friends at school are new big brothers and when we see them with their new baby brothers/sisters, I tell him that he'll be one soon as well.  He'll peek in at the babies in their prams and I'll tell him we'll be having one soon in a pram like that too!

Having a second one is definitely very different from having your first.  With Connor, it was MY pregnancy, a lot of my feelings were about me.  The feelings I had were all about me having a big life change.  But with Number Two, I've had to think about how Connor would cope with having to share Mummy and how I would juggle two kids and the house - more practical questions than just dreams about the future this time round.

I'm going for an elective c-section, for many practical reasons and as such, we know we will be welcoming a little baby the week of June 10.  The actual date hasn't been finalised yet but at least I have a target date to work towards.

After that?  Close shop lor...  Two kids is more than I can handle!

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