Thursday, May 16, 2013

Scenes from a Married Life: Genetics

It is bedtime and it's all dark in our bedroom.  We're all snuggled up and Dear Hubby has his hand on my belly, stroking it.  It's his way of saying goodnight to Number Two every night.

"I wonder if he'll come out looking like Connor and me... all dark hair and dark eyes or if he'll be blond and blue-eyed and fit his Danish name... what do you think?"

There is a long silence in the darkness.

Then comes my husband's voice.

"I have brown hair and hazel eyes.  If he comes out blond and blue-eyed, I will be asking you Very Serious Questions."


  1. lol!! now that is a good one!
    grinning like hell here..

    all the best on ur delivery. due soon right?

    1. I thought Caucasian babies came out blond and blue-eyed you see.. but Dear Hubby was born hazel-eyed and dark-haired. LOL So Number Two had better not be blond and blue-eyed!

      Yeppers... going in Wed for a c-section! Just two more sleeps before we get to see our little boy. :)