Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ramblings: Professional Carpet Cleaning

Growing up, carpets were not practical in our home.  As it was hot and humid, cool flooring was preferred.  My first real taste of a carpeted home was when I visited Dear Hubby’s parents in UK for the first time.  The concept of a carpeted bathroom puzzled me.  How on earth would you clean it properly of stains if you can’t scrub the bathroom floor with soap and water?

Enter the carpet cleaning pros.  They’re quite the rarity in Malaysia where they mainly do office cleaning.  But in countries where carpeted homes are the norm, you can find them quite easily.  Call them in when you need a deep thorough clean of your carpets.

Check out Clean Fantastic f you’re living in Perth, WA and are looking for a professional carpet cleaner.  You can read more about their services at http://www.cleanfantastic.com.au/carpetcleaning.php  

Good luck!

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