Monday, June 10, 2013

Scenes from a Married Life: My cooking

When I first met Dear Hubby 7 1/2 years ago,  I couldn't cook.  He managed to teach me how to cook simple meals before we got married two years later... what an achievement!  I've managed to turn myself into a half-decent cook since... with many culinary disasters along the way....

Last weekend, I made him some siew yoke.  What is a siew yoke?  It's Chinese roasted belly pork.  So simple but oh so delicious.  You can google the web for various recipes but it's mainly just pork belly with salt and Chinese five spice powder rubbed on.  Then it gets roasted to crispy perfection.  Yummy.

Dear Hubby adores siew yoke.  So I make some every now and then for a treat.  Then we fight each other to the death for it.

Last week, I made him some as a surprise treat.  He hadn't had any for quite a while and I knew he would enjoy it.

And my efforts were well rewarded because after eating one entire slab of meat all by himself ("What, SHARE with you, wife???"), he sighed happily and said, "That is the BEST pork I have ever tasted in my whole life.  E-ver."

That was a compliment of the highest order from my husband because that actually meant my siew yoke had shoved his beloved bacon into 2nd place and I felt so happy and proud of myself.

Not bad eh!


  1. So quick, whats your recipe?! :P Also, I didn't expect that from Mr. TM! Chinese cooking gonna take over the world yo! :D

    1. Can't remember where I got mine from. Was taught to score fat, then rub salt over it. Then five spice powder on the meat but don't overdo it. Lepas tu, roast at 250C for about 20 min, then turn it down to like 180-200C until meat is all cooked. After that, it's every man for himself where the pork is concerned ;)
      I didn't expect it too! And to think it ranked above bacon! I thought it was the ultimate expression of love from him! lol