Friday, July 19, 2013

Connor's new girlfriend

The corner house is alive again.  The family who owns that place live most of the year in Dubai as the daddy works in the oil industry there.  It is summer holidays now so the family are home for the whole summer.

Connor met the girl one day when he was out cycling with Dear Hubby and hasn't stopped talking about her since then.  Zoe, he said her name was.  I asked Dear Hubby about it.  He said she was much older than him.  He's 4.5yo.  She's a fully grown up 8yo going on sweet sixteen.  Girls always are.

We met Zoe and her father at the village mini market yesterday.  "Zoe!"  my son called.  When they both acknowledged him,  Connor suddenly went all bashful and hid behind me.  I looked at this young woman who has stolen my son's heart.  Yep, she's his type.  My little boy actually has a type. He likes them blonde and beautiful and she is both.

He invited her over yesterday to see his Thomas trains and Lightning McQueen cars.  I think she came over more out of politeness than of real interest.  They disappeared into our home while I remained outside chatting with her father, David.

When I came home, I discovered my son was giving her a tour of our home.  "...and this here is the kitchen.. and this is our baby brother!"  Then they both ran outside to go cycling together.

She is very sweet with him, treating him like the baby brother she doesn't have.  He follows her everywhere like the besotted puppy dog that he is.

Summer lovin'.... ah, have fun while it lasts my son.

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