Friday, September 13, 2013

Anders at 3 months

Anders, 3 months old.  Shot Sept 2013

HELP!  There is a bear in the house!

The bear is the reason why this blog has been dead for so long.  Bear + older brother starting school + housework = Mummy desperately juggling everything.  If Baby Bear hadn't come along, I'd be having my feet up right now instead of sneaking off to write this post while he's taking a morning nap.

Seriously, hats off to all the mums who do this without any help.  I'm lucky that Connor is now in school full time so it's a little easier as I only have Baby Bear here to worry about for most of the day.  I don't think I would be quite so perky if their age gap had been smaller and Connor was still at home most of the day.

Autumn is coming and it was really cold and windy a few nights ago.  So I popped my little Anders into this and he was so cute, I squealed the house down.  I snapped a few pics and they've been making their way round the world as proud Papa and Mama have been emailing them to friends and family everywhere.

I get really tired and I get cranky from all the work and the stress but when I see him smiling up at me like that, boy... I forget it all very quickly.

Love you, my little baby bear.

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