Saturday, November 30, 2013

Connor's costume for the school Christmas play

The P1, P2 and P3 kids are putting on a Christmas play this year.  Connor is a snowflake in the play.

About three weeks ago, I received a note from the school informing us that we would need to supply Connor with a black tee and snowflake decorations for his costume by Dec 2.

Piece of cake, I thought.

I looked up "How to make snowflakes" online and it looked really easy.  Snip, snip and ta-dah!  Snowflake!
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Yesterday I suddenly remembered the deadline for his snowflake costume and hurriedly purchased some craft materials to make the snowflakes to stick on his black tee.  I opened up the snowflake how-to website again on my iPad and skimmed through everything.  Grabbing a piece of paper, I thought about how creatively funky Connor's costume would be once I was done with it.


After I'd finished snipping, I unfolded my creation triumphantly only to find this...

I was always shit at crafts anyway.


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