Friday, November 29, 2013

Hellooooo... is it me you're looking for?


And I thought I was busy when I had one child to look after.   I have since discovered how wrong I was.  Having two children doesn't mean my workload is doubled.  It's like... erm.... trillion-pled!

What do I do?

My day begins at 6:30am or so when we all wake up.  No need for alarm clocks, our 5yo and 5 month old are far more reliable.  It doesn't matter if it's a weekday or a weekend, summer or winter... they always wake up at that time.  Sigh.

On weekdays, I'm busy organising Connor for school.  That means getting his breakfast ready, then getting him showered, dressed and making sure he has everything he needs for school.  At the same time, I need to give Anders a nappy change and a quick feed.

We walk to school, come rain or shine.  It's only 10 minutes away and it's good exercise.  When school started in Aug, the weather was good and so we didn't need much time to get ready as all we needed most days was a light jacket.  Now that winter is approaching, getting out of the front door is a complete nightmare.  Mummy's got to make sure everyone's put on their coats and boots and mittens and scarves and gloves before seeing to herself.   Ever tried putting on a pair of tiny mittens on the tiny hands of a 5 month old baby who's furious he's not allowed to wave his hands about?  Yep.

After I've waved goodbye to Connor at school and walked home, it's time to see to Anders.  He needs a feed and a play.  I also have to clear the breakfast dishes and put the washing on.  When Anders finally goes down for his mid-morning nap, I have just about enough time to whip up a simple lunch for me and eat it.   Then I clear everything away - sweeping, dusting, wiping down counters etc.

There's always stuff to do - clothes to be folded and put away, bathrooms that need scrubbing, carpets that need vacuuming, floors to sweep, school uniforms to be ironed... and let's not forget the stuff I need to defrost for tonight's dinner!

By 2:50pm, I have to get ready to pick Connor up from school.  One more round of putting on coats, hats etc.  We usually take our time walking home from school so by the time we arrive home, it's close to 4pm.  I make Connor an after school snack, supervise homework, talk about his school day and then take Anders upstairs for his evening nap.

Once he knocks out, I run downstairs to make dinner.  Sometimes I'm better organised and have cooked it a little earlier or have prepped it earlier.  Anders usually wakes up just as I'm finishing up and then Daddy comes home from work.

Dinner for everyone (milk for Anders!) and then it's night-night time for Anders.  Dear Hubby usually helps to clear the dinner things away and takes Connor to bed.  Most nights both boys are asleep by 8pm and I get to actually talk to my husband for a bit and we watch a little tv together.

Some coffee and a biscuit-y treat later, it's time for me to wash and sterilise some bottles, boil some water and prepare some formula for the night feeds.  Is it any wonder I'm pooped by 9pm?  Anders wakes up about twice every night but I do get a decent bit of sleep in between.

The next thing you know,  it's 6:30am again and Connor has pitter-pattered into our room and is shaking us awake.

Time to get up, Mummy!

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  1. Welcome back! Sounds so much like my day except the weather - it is hot and humid or rainy and humid in KL :p