Wednesday, December 11, 2013

St Andrew's Day, Nov 30

The Aberdeenshire council is responsible for the running of the schools in our area.  One of the areas they're pretty good at is school lunches.

Connor generally eats the lunch that school provides.  We buy him a book of school dinner tickets and then he exchanges them for a meal at school.  The food's pretty good too.

I have since discovered that the council takes its job very seriously.  It doesn't just provide a hot meal.  They also try to take into account celebrations and change the menu accordingly.  For St Andrew's Day, the school lunch menu was haggis, mince, neeps and tatties.  I took one look and told Connor before we left for school that day that he should opt for sandwiches that day at the school dinner hall.  My son doesn't like beef and potatoes.  And I was pretty sure he would hate the haggis.  Best to eat tuna sandwiches.

Unfortunately, my little boy didn't pay attention to me.  So he lined up for the haggis option.

It was SO predictable what happened next.

My son came home at 3:30pm starving as he'd been completely grossed out by the haggis and had refused to eat anything on his dinner tray.

"What did you have for lunch today, Connor?"
"I had haggis!"
"Did you like it?"
"NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It smells terrible!"

After I'd stopped laughing my eyes out, I fed my son.

Now if he's naughty, we threaten to feed him haggis.  Hahahahahahaaaaaa......

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