Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mummyhood: Part II

This was my reaction when Connor fell off the bed when he was approximately 6 months old. "OH MY GOD!  My baby!  We have to get to the hospital NOW! (It was about 10pm)  I want an MRI!  X-ray! CAT scan!  Blood test! All of it!  NOW!"

Fast forward some five years later... This was my reaction when Anders slipped off Dear Hubby's lap last week and tumbled onto our carpeted floor.  "Hmm.  He's stopped crying.  Check his eyes and head... is he all right?  He's not wincing right?  Okay... so er, what do you want for lunch, Daddy?"

Motherhood this time is quite different from when I had my first child.  It's not that I loved Connor more.  It's that I know more.  I know now what works and that some things are really beyond my control.

There are many things to stress yourself over when you have a part of you walking around outside of you.  When they're little, you stress about routines, milestones, vaccinations.  When they get a little older, you fret about language skills, writing, making friends, the right preschool.  And when they're older still, you worry about them getting into Uni, finding a good job, someone to love them.

There are lots and lots of stuff to fret about.  I'm just getting smarter about picking stuff to fret about.

Here's to many more years of fretting.

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  1. Wise choice. A good mother must be able to stay calm and not panic on small matters. It gives the kid confidence .

    I love your blog.