Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Our first Christmas in Scotland, Dec 2013

Christmas 2013 marked our first Christmas in our home in Scotland.  This is the third Christmas we've spent in the UK so far and yet again, my hopes for a white Christmas were dashed.  At least it was cold.  Last year's Christmas in Liverpool was spent in almost tropical 16C weather.   I was completely pissed because if I'd wanted a warm Christmas, I would have stayed in KL and not bothered to fork out money to fly here.

We had Nana, Grandad and Uncle Mark drive up from Liverpool to spend Christmas with us.  It made the house very noisy but I thought it was much better that way.  Who wants a quiet, dull house during Christmas anyway!

A big pile of presents awaited our boys under the tree on Christmas Day.  We didn't go mad as Connor had just had his birthday in Nov and Anders is really too young to appreciate anything.

This is Connor opening the little present that Anders got him.  Well... Mummy had a hand in it but I thought it would be nice for him to get one from his baby brother as Connor's life has been turned upside down by the arrival of a younger sibling.

Connor's main present from Santa Claus.  What is it?

Santa brought him a... Lego Chinook!  Our boy was so thrilled.  He didn't put it together though.  It was his Uncle Mark who patiently built it after breakfast for him.

And here is little Anders opening his present!  I bought him that little Santa suit because I couldn't resist it.  We never bought one for Connor as all the ones on sale in Jakarta/KL were so thick my heat-sensitive son would have melted in it.  
When my husband first found out I'd spent money on clothing that he would only wear for a day, he grumbled.  But when I dressed Anders in it and our little baby boy beamed up at Daddy, Dear Hubby changed his mind very quickly.  "Oh.  He does look cute.  Very cute."
Heh.  Mummy knows.

Here is Anders chewing on one of his presents - a baby kilt.  Mummy had searched and searched and searched for one.  Do you have any idea how expensive kilts are?  I would have had to take out a mortgage to pay for one.  So I was very happy when a mum on a local forum was selling this one, she's bought two and was selling the spare one.
As Anders was born here in Scotland, I wanted very much for him to have a keepsake of his place of birth.  So... kilt or shortbread?  Kilt it was.

So there you have it.  We hope you've had a wonderful Christmas just like we did.

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