Friday, April 25, 2008

Misc updates from Jakarta

1. Our house
Whee! We've found our house! I'll blog about it later when I've finally uploaded all the pics from my cam. It's got a pool, so everyone who's reading this and plans to visit me, please bring your bikinis/Speedos and suntan lotion!

2. Funny project name
Dear Hubby came back from work ytdy wearing a polo tee bearing his company logo and the name of some joint project they're working on with another company. After about 10 minutes, my curiousity got the better of me and I asked, "Who picked the name of the project?" He said, "I don't know. I think it's named after the place. Why?" I said, "Well, it's a very inauspicious name for a project. Didn't they tell you what Tangguh means?" "No. What does it mean?" "Er... delay, postpone..." *giggle* Maybe it has a different meaning in Indonesia. We met the project consultant later at dinner and I told him that as well and he burst into laughter.

3. Adjusting to life in Jakarta
I think I'm getting the hang of it. For instance, I no longer absent-mindedly gargle with the tap water and guess what? No tummy aches at all this visit! *touch wood* I'm starting to recognise some roads and landmarks too and have learnt new words.

4. Still happily pregnant
This is Little Monkey's 2nd trip to Jakarta. We didn't know she was present the first trip, you see. So far, she's liked the food. I've been careful with my hygiene and food. I'm absolutely dying to try some of the hawker fare I see by the roads but dare not at the moment for fear of upsetting the little one.

5. TV!!!
Omigosh, we even have here! I spent a happy afternoon watching things like Top 10 Scousers of the Club, Top 10 all-time goalscorers etc of my one and only football club before the storm came in and we lost the reception. Lately, I've started watching French and Italian tv. The French tv is quite fun because I can more or less guess what they're saying and if they have subtitles, I can follow the plot. But the Italian tv talks too fast for me to catch anything.

Right now, I'm waiting for Dear Hubby to come home. He puts in half a day on Saturdays as well but he'll be back in a moment and take me out to lunch. The hotel we're staying in is fine but their menu is rather limited and I've had just about enough of the hotel food for now.

Looking forward to making our move here permanent, shouldn't be long now!


  1. Goodness! I never took you to be of the lady of leisure variety ;) But yes, I'll pack the swimsuits and you make sure you have some cute pool boys yes? ;)

  2. A pool! Dang. Can you tell I'm green with envy now? :p

  3. pb: When you come, I'll be so leisurely, I can be my own theme park. LOL Yesyes... me find pool boys but shhh.. don't let Top Monkey know. ;)

    tine: Heh. Seems to me almost every other house we looked at in Jkt had a pool. I don't know why. You can come check it out if you're in town!