Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back in Jakarta at last!

Well, here I am. Back in Jakarta. I think I'm done with flying for the year. Now is the time to stay home, practise my Kegels and wait for Little Monkey to appear.

1. I am 30 weeks pregnant!
Yikes. Just 10 more weeks to go. I keep popping into our walk-in closet to look at all his baby clothes which I've neatly folded and laid out according to months. I'm a Virgo mum.... I'm very good at organising things. While I'm really excited and looking forward to seeing our little boy, I'm also very nervous. I'm reading all I can about childbirth and parenting but nothing I read can prepare me 100% for the real thing. Dear Hubby has been very supportive and telling me I'm sure to make a good mommy but I can't help being nervous anyway. What if I drop him? Shock, horror!

2. Happy Merdeka, Malaysia!
I totally missed our 51st Merdeka as we were suspended in mid-air on our way back from Manchester. To the lads in Manc Airport wearing the Liverpool strip with pride, I just want to say "GOOD ON YA!" I don't feel very positive about my country at this point in time but I really don't want to go all political here and get barred from returning to my country for Chinese New Year 2009.

3. We finally have EPL in the house!
Yay! Finally! The cable operator in Jkt who has the rights to EPL is Aora and the moment we saw the official announcement, we signed up. They were very efficient, arriving the next day to fix the dish and connection and now we have footie! And sure enough, this week is international week, so no EPL! Stupid timing. :)

4. I'm the tiniest pregnant woman in the world!
Well, in the UK anyway. My in-laws were like, "You're still so small!" This is because when you walk outside, you'll see rather large UK women chomping away on sausage rolls and pies and wearing clothes that I would drown in even in my current pregnant state. I don't understand this obesity thing. I'm thinking... Okay, before one gets really obese, one surely would have reached a point where one would have realised, "Erm... I'm fat..." Wouldn't you do something about it then? Why keep on eating the pies and chips to the point of no return? I don't understand why people disregard their health so.

5. Happy Ramadhan!
Last but not least, happy Ramadhan to all Muslims especially to those here in my host country and those back home. Gawd, I miss going to the pasar Ramadhan and eating all the kueh!

Over and out for now. We hope to have internet access at home by next week, so I can stop hanging around here in McD for my Wifi at last. Nice to be home again.


  1. Hey Mrs Topmonkey,
    thanks for the info on EPL. My husband is a die-hard liverpool fan too and has been complaining for the lack of EPL action on his cable. :)

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