Saturday, November 29, 2008

Connor at 3 weeks old

Snoozing yesterday afternoon on Mommy... she's so warm and comfy! Zzzzzzzzz....

Grandma and me!

I'm still smaller than Mommy's black cat.... need to grow like a champion, grow!


  1. Aww... grandma looks so pleased! :D And I'm seeing a lot of you in Connor for now

  2. PB: Grandma kept squealing, Ooh... don't take photo now, my hair in a mess, I look so old etc etc etc but Dear Hubby just snapped away regardless. LOL

    Really??? :)) I can't see much of myself in him, so it's nice to know that he does take after me after all!

  3. What a precious picture that one of him sleeping on you :-)

    Ack! Now I really want another baby!

  4. aaaawwww... soooo cute he is! :) I am so happeeee for u babe!

  5. Shen: Sure you wanna go through all the night feeds and labour again? ;))

  6. Shortcake: Aw, thanks. *muaks* When can I hear the pitter-patter of little feet from your side eh?