Saturday, December 6, 2008

Connor is one month old!

Yay! Today is my baby boy's full moon celebration! He's one month old and boy, he's already used up his weight in diapers.

The Chinese still take the full moon celebration seriously. None more so than my parents who have been oh so delighted by their grandson. They had ordered Connor's full moon gift packs before they left Malaysia to come and visit us here in Jakarta. Connor's full moon gift pack consists of hard boiled eggs dyed in red to signify new life and good luck, the all-important ang koo kueh and an almond cake (this is something modern, I have no idea why it's there!). You can read more about full moon celebrations here.

Connor had a rather traumatic start to his full moon day. It was time to visit the dreaded paed at Jakarta Women and Children Clinic for his vaccination. All was well till about 10 minutes from our appointment time when Connor decided he needed some milk. I popped into the nursing room to feed him and just minutes into his feed, his name was called and I had to interrupt his feed. What a good thing Dear Hubby was with me because I simply couldn't bear to watch the paed insert a needle into my little baby boy who cried and cried and cried till my heart broke into a million pieces.

After that, I had to change his diaper because I'd heard the usual praap-praap-praap! noises that told me he'd filled it to the limit and Connor cried even more because all he was interested in was a feed. He only calmed down when I managed to get his dirty diaper changed and started breastfeeding him. My poor baby boy. Dear Hubby said the entire clinic could hear him howl.

The afternoon was much more pleasant as we took him out to Senayan City for toy shopping. Dear Hubby acted the Proud Papa as he did stroller duty while I lugged the diaper bag. I'm suspecting he wanted to push the stroller because he'd found out that a man + little baby = chick magnet. Hmph.

We picked out an activity mat for him as I'd noticed that he was getting bored just lying on his beanbag and staring at the ceiling. I also picked out wrist rattles for him, they're made of fabric and fasten onto his wrists. I can't wait to get all his toys washed so that he can play with them!

Time really flies by. One month ago, he was still kicking away inside me and I was still sleeping from 10pm to 7am straight. Now I wake up every 2 hours at night for feeds, my day starts around 6am since he's all bright-eyed by then, my days are spent changing diapers and breastfeeding and the only peaceful time I get is when he's fast asleep. It's funny but we've adapted really quickly to Connor's arrival and it just seems like we've been doing this forever.

Happy Full Moon, my little baby boy, my Little Monkey.

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