Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's a Dad's, Dad's, Dad's world - Bath time

Dear Hubby and I agreed that we would teach Connor to swim as early as possible. I didn't want my son to grow up with my phobia of large bodies of water. So when he began holding his head up steadily, we introduced him to the adult bath tub. It quickly became a weekend ritual for us - Daddy and son in the tub while Mommy sits outside and splashes water onto baby.

One weekend, Dear Hubby was in tub as usual with baby. He'd put Connor sitting in the water to face him and predictably, Connor starting kicking and stretching his feet. Meanwhile Mommy busied herself tidying away some things.

A bit later, I heard this, "OW. Mommy. He's got his toe up my ass."



  1. Congratulations!! I presume this is the Aileen I know since it all seems to fit her profile. - Jeffy!!!

  2. Hahaha... glad to see you're both enjoying parenthood :-)

    In the meantime, you've been tagged!


  3. Jeffy!!! *big hugs* Ya... 'tis me. Can't believe you found me, you little stalker you! LOL

    Shen: LOL We're enjoying bath time at least. Cheers for the tag, sorry for not doing earlier but was away in UK and had no net access.